Conceria Benvenuti

Benvenuti tannery produces products for the footwear industry, especially crusts for insoles, sole, midsole and leather goods.

Serving a lot of prestigious brands, the company exports more than 50% of its production throughout Europe.

Benvenuti tannery was founded on 20 March 1976

by the transformation of the family business which has existed since 1959.
The activity, exercised from the beginning, concerns tanning leather with processes handed down over time and consolidated by technological innovations.

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The production processes are based on the use of "natural" tanning products of plant origin

Vegetable tanning is a type of tanning that involves the use of materials abundantly present in nature such as vegetable tannins, obtained from birch, quebracho, oak and chestnut trees, mimosa etc.

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1. Green Energy

The care of the environment and an increasingly sustainable economic and industrial policy.

2. Photovoltaic

The photovoltaic system allows our company to cover independently at least 60% of its energy needs.

3. Sustainabilityà

Adopt eco-friendly strategies and measures, such as reducing energy consumption, separate collection and waste recycling.

4. Gelatin recovery

The recovery of animal by-products reduces the amount of waste deposited in landfills and discharged into waste water treatment plants.